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At The Rise Sixth Form we have a robust and purposeful wraparound curriculum that provides our students with academic and social and emotional skills. 


Personal Growth and Wellbeing 

According to the National Autistic Society, 'autism is not a mental health condition... many autistic people face mental health issues and our autistic supporters have told us it’s their top priority'. We believe it is important to ensure students have the tools to take care of their mental health. 

Through this course our students are taught the importance of understanding their needs and are given the confidence and knowledge not only to self-regulate, but to self-advocate. The Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Personal Growth and Wellbeing is designed around practical skills and tasks that place an emphasis on learners’ personal responses to everyday life situations and scenarios. It not only covers the RSE requirements in England and Wales, but it also covers units around physical and emotional wellbeing, respecting rights and responsibilities, and being environmentally aware. 


Personal finance

Students will receive a Level 2 Certificate in Financial Education through LiBF. This course is run over a two-year period, and it aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills around managing money and making sound financial decisions. The course puts students’ financial decisions in context and helps them to understand the impact their decisions have on their lives, but also the greater economy. Students develop a range of transferable skills that not only can provide a foundation for further study, but also is applicable to social enterprise and vocational professional development. The key topics addressed include public finance and economy, personal financial planning, and employability, enterprise and business. The course is divided into three units and is exam-based.  



During employability lessons students study a multifaceted Level 2 BTEC course called Work Skills that prepares students for the world of work. It provides a structured place for pupils to explore various career and volunteering opportunities and be able to apply for jobs. At the end of this two-year course students will know their rights and responsibilities at work, understand health and safety expectations, and be able to apply problem-solving skills to their volunteering and work situations. We want our students to have the conviction to pursue careers that make them feel productive and proud.


Extended project qualification (EPQ)

EPQ is offered to students to support independent research, extended writing, and project management. The qualification is open to all students and provides an opportunity to write about a chosen interest. Students can explore topics more deeply and learn key skills leading to higher education and industry. We currently offer Level 1, 2, and 3 entries to Pearson Edexcel.


Independent study

As part of preparing students for the workload associated with their courses, we have mandatory independent study sessions. All students have up to six hours of independent study a week. During this time students are expected to work on their coursework with the support of Rise staff, revise for English or maths re-sits, or they can take part in enriching activities such as watching an informative documentary. Independent study is not just an opportunity for staff to re-teach students, it allows students to ask staff questions, seek clarifications, and work in a quiet space. It is also an opportunity for staff to support students to manage their deadlines and succeed in their course.



Physical and mental wellbeing are important priorities for our cohort. As such, we offer a bespoke Wellbeing curriculum in Year 12, PE, and 1:1 mental health first aid (MHFA) sessions.

For our Year 12s, we offer a bespoke Wellbeing curriculum that aims to support students in their transition into college by teaching them skills for coping with change or challenging situations, understanding the positive impact of physical exercise, and supporting them to practice gratitude in their everyday lives. We feel this is an important course for our new students as it teaches them skills that will help them handle new challenges they may come across in college. 

In addition, we offer PE to all our students, where they access the college gym, as well as the outdoor field and football pitch. Students really enjoy PE and take great pride in meeting their health and fitness goals every week. Students can also receive an individualised exercise plan.

Thirdly, we have several certified MHFAs within our provision. MHFAs are not trained therapists or counsellors, but they act as the first point of contact for students with mental health issues, providing support and guidance. If your child requires it, their MHFA is a staff member they can see weekly, on a 1:1 basis, and speak to them about something that may be causing them stress or worry, or they can treat their MHFA as a trusted adult from whom they can seek support and advice. Many of our students access their service, and it gives them great comfort to know they have someone within the provision they can speak to about their personal feelings.


English and maths re-sits

We offer English and mathematics re-sits within the provision. If your child needs to achieve either, or both, we will support them through small group lessons and individualised support. For English, our students take the Cambridge IGCSE English exam, and for mathematics, students take the Level 2 AQA Functional Skills exam. We prioritise these qualifications and will work with your child throughout their time at Sixth Form to support them to pass both qualifications. 


Further information

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