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Secondary School classes

At The Rise School, our classes are named after trees. Trees symbolically represent our school values: they stand tall and proud, they are resilient during stormy weather, over time they grow upwards and in strength.

In 2020-2021 we have ten secondary classes:

Year 7 – Teak

Year 7 – Kapok

Year 8 – Juniper

Year 8 – Larch

Year 9 – Maple

Year 9 – Elm

Year 10 – Cypress

Year 10 – Dragon Tree

Year 11 – Pear

Year 11 – Sorrel

We follow a “typical” Secondary model with pupils moving around the building to have lessons delivered by subject specialists. Their class teacher fulfils a form teacher function, they meet four times per day in their designated form room at:




2:50pm -3:00pm

Click on the class icons below to find the latest news from each class!