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Upcoming events

Families are an important part of The Rise community and through the year we have a range of events you can attend, including:

  • Our “traditional” parents evenings - where you will be updated on the progress of your child.
  • Our parent meets - which are workshops for you on a range of helpful topics, plus an opportunity to socialise with one another.
  • Also celebration and fun events - like our Christmas fair or end of year BBQ.

All families of our pupils are welcome to come along during the year and you will be reminded when events are coming up.


Helping Your Child Overcome Maths Anxiety & Build Mathematical Resilience 
Wednesday 12 May, 8pm

Aimed at parents of children aged 9 to 14, Rachel from Eedi will be sharing the latest research and her vast experience in this area. Rachel will explain: 

1. What maths anxiety is
2. How to spot the signs
3. Practical strategies to help your child cope
4. Actionable tips on helping them build mathematical resilience

Here, you can reserve a place to attend