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Performance and assessments

Academic outcomes

Here is a breakdown of the academic outcomes gained at The Rise School.


Key Stage 1

In 2022-2023 our youngest pupils were in Year 5. Therefore, there are no KS1 outcomes.


Key Stage 2

In 2022-2023, we had a cohort of 10 pupils in Year 6.  

All 10 pupils accessed the full breadth of the KS2 assessments which represents a significant success in terms of their resilience, confidence and self-esteem. 

The expected standard is a scaled score on KS2 SATs of 100.

Please see the table below The Rise’s KS2 outcomes.

 ReadingSpelling, punctuation and grammarMaths
Pupils meeting ‘expected standard’6 (60%)2 (20%)3 (30%)
Average scaled score1009594

Please note, seven pupils achieved at least one scaled score of 100 or above. One pupil achieved 100 or above for all assessments. Additionally, two pupils achieved 100 or above for two assessments

One pupil was one scaled mark away from the expected 100 in Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, another was one scaled mark away from the expected 100 in Reading.

The Rise Progress at KS2 data can be found here.


Key Stage 4

In 2022-2023, we had a cohort of 15 pupils in Year 11. They sat a range of qualifications including:

  • GCSE Maths
  • IGCSE English Language 
  • IGCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Science (2 GCSEs)
  • IGCSE History
  • GCSE Computer Science 
  • BTEC Home Cooking Level 1 & 2
  • Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia Certificate & Award
  • Functional Skills Maths Level 1 & 2
  • Entry and Further Entry level Science

Some pupils also accessed additional AQA Unit Award Scheme certification in a range of areas of interest, such as photography and music. 

GCSEs are graded on a scale of 1-9 in which a grade 4 is considered a ‘standard pass'. IGCSEs continue to be graded on a scale of U-A*.

 Number Percentage
Pupils achieving at least 4 GCSEs at 4/C+746%
Pupils achieving a grade 4/C in English, Maths and Science GCSEs746%
Pupils achieving at least 5 GCSEs (1-9) or equivalent (including English and Maths)640%
Pupils achieving at least 5 GCSEs or equivalent, grades 4-9 or C-A*640%

Our top performing pupil achieved 8 GCSE passes including 2As, 2x8s and 2x9s. This is the highest collection of grades achieved at The Rise School.

We are immensely proud of all of our learners academic and social achievements. 


Pupil destinations

The Rise is a KS1-KS5 provision with our youngest pupils currently in Year 5 and eldest in Year 14.  

Some of our Sixth Form students complete a 3-year programme, which is why we have some Year 14s. 

We have destinations for both Year 11s and Year 13/14s. 

As our cohorts are small, we have included three years of data:

 Year 11 leaversYear 13/14 leavers

7 students to The Rise Sixth Form to complete a range of BTEC Level 2-3 in courses such as: 

  • Animation & Games Development
  • Creative Design
  • Applied Science
  • Contemporary Music & Technology 

6 students to other KS5 provisions including 3 students completing A-levels:

  • Uxbridge College
  • Abingdon-Whitney (Oxford)
  • Space School 
  • London Screen Academy
  • Logic Sixth Form

6 students:

  • 1 x University 
  • 1 x Level 4 BTEC at West Thames College (without support)
  • 1 x Level 3 BTEC at West Thames College (without support) 
  • 3 x Employment including hospitality and IT security



10 students to The Rise Sixth Form to complete a range of BTEC Level 1-3 courses such as: 

  • Applied Science 
  • Sport
  • Public Services
  • Performing Arts and Dance
  • Multi-Skills

6 students to a range of other providers including 1 student completing A-levels:

  • Uxbridge College
  • Surrey Choices
  • Ambitious College 
  • Strodes College

9 students: 

  • Employment – 4  including hospitality, TA apprenticeship and retail.
  • Travel – 1 
  • University – 3 
  • Supported Internship – 1 

5 students transitioned to The Rise Sixth Form to complete a range of BTEC level 2-3 courses such as:

  • Business Level 3
  • Travel and Tourism L2
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Sports L2
  • Construction


9 students transitioned to other provisions such as:

  • Surrey Choices x 3
  • Uxbridge College
  • Elthorne Park High School – A levels
  • West Thames College
  • Ambitious College
  • Cambridge College
  • Logic Studio – A levels

13 students:

University - 7

  • University of West London: Criminology
  • Brunel University: Digital Design
  • University of Brighton: Computer Science
  • Kingston University: Aerospace Engineering
  • Kingston University: Music Production
  • Bishop Grosssteste University: Military History
  • University of Portsmouth: Youth Studies


Work – Catering Industry - 1
Work – Teaching Assistant – Hounslow Special School - 1
Internship – Hounslow Council - 1
West London College – Plumbing  - 1
Ambitious College - 1
Farmborough College – Level 3 – Photography - 1

Performance measures website

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