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Family support

At The Rise School, we recognise that there are times when our families need additional advice and support. Here you can find advice, useful links and also copies of key communications that are sent home with pupils.


Letter to families

27 February 2024

Read letter to families regarding Spring progress families.


October half-term activities

13 October 2023

See what activities are taking place in Hounslow over the October half term.


Yoga wellbeing session

13 October 2023

Yoga wellbeing sessions are taking place in Hounslow for parents and carers of SEND children and you people. Find out more.


Family support directory

17 May 2023

Our brand new Hounslow-specific family support directory contains over 40 links to both local and national support services. We have created this to ensure that our families are aware of what is out there, specifically within the local community. Family life for our families at The Rise can sometimes be extremely challenging but there are some fantastic charities and organizations that can help you manage. 

The directory is divided into five sections:

  • Financial/Cost of living support
  • Legal support
  • Support outside of education
  • Health and wellbeing
  • AutismsSpecific resources. 

We hope you find this useful. We will try our very best to keep the document updated.

Please note, If you do not live in the borough of Hounslow you may not be able to access some of these services. However, your borough may offer something similar. Please do get in contact with us if you are struggling to find relevant support services.


Ambitious parent support group

10 May 2023

The online ‘Ambitious parent support group’ is exclusively for parents and carers from our education services and is run by our learner and family support team. The group meets online once a month giving you the chance to hear from contributors and experts, as well as connect with like-minded parents and carers.

How can I join the group?  

The ‘Ambitious parent support group’ is hosted virtually on the Talk about Autism online community. Talk about Autism is an online community for parents and carers of autistic children and young people, providing a safe space for parents to connect with one another.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to Talk about Autism – it only takes a few minutes. Once you have signed up, you’ll be added to the private ‘Ambitious parent support group’ where your support group meetings will be hosted. You’ll also be able to speak to other parents and carers about your parenting journey and access support, information, and news.  

When is the next support group session?

The next support group session is on Wednesday, 21 June at 12.30pm.

The session will run for 90 minutes and will focus on accessing local support during the summer break. We will cover topics such as respite and short breaks, as well as answer any questions you have may have around support options in general. You can drop in and out of the session at a time that suits you.


Parent meet

24 February 2023

We have two parent meets taking place in March. Please see flyers below for more detail:

Careers education parent meet, 8 March, 3.00-4.00pm

Paired reading parent meet, 8 March, 3.00-4.00pm


Springfields Academy's A-fest

21 February 2023

The Springfields Academy is running its A-fest from Wednesday, 22 February to Thursday, 2 March. It is a series of six free, online webinars on topics such as: 

  • parenting autistic teenagers 
  • sensory differences and anxiety in autistic people 
  • autistic masking and mental health. 


Please register via Eventbrite. 


Asda launches adaptive clothing range that supports sensory needs

13 February 2023

Asda has launched a range of adaptive clothing for children which supports sensory needs and independent dressing. Read more about the range and see the clothing.


SEND family support based in Hillingdon

13 February 2023

SEND family support is based in Hillingdon. Find out more about Saturday clubs, and parent's support group every two weeks. Paper flyers are available in reception.


stem4 webinars for parents and carers: building family resilience

23 January 2023

Teenage mental health charity, Stem4, are hosting a parent/carer webinar on Thursday 26 January in support of Parent Mental Health Day. This free webinar on 26 January at 7.00pm will focus on how parents and carers can successfully adapt to challenging life situations, and deal with their own stress and anxiety, while navigating their family through difficult times.

The webinar will focus upon how to build family resilience with guest speakers Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Dr Richard Graham, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.  

Date and time: Thursday 26 January, 7.00-8.00pm

Information and booking details

Register your free place.


Cost of living

04 January 2023

Ambitious about Autism has created resources, alongside autistic young people, to support you through to cost of living crisis – including information on managing money, where to get financial support, and how to look after your wellbeing in stressful times.

Check out the resources now.


Help for households - cost of living

08 December 2022

Please see below for a range of links to information and support with managing cost of living struggles this winter.



  • Please visit the Help for Households government website to signpost you to a variety of different support for households. 
  • United Learning have created this helpful PDF cost of living support infographic with links to Citizens Advice Bureau, Turn2Us, Shelter, The Trussell Trust, Money Saving Expert.
  • There is an app called 'Too Good to Go' where you can find local shops, restaurants and supermarkets all offering food at a discount, and at a set time to collect it.


Letter to families - Strep A/scarlet fever

08 December 2022

Read letter to families from Helen Ralston, Head of School with guidance and information so parents can be vigilant and keep their child protected and safe.


Autism support group for parents and carers

15 September 2022

We are excited to inform you about a support group which has been created to bring parents and carers together from all our settings to share experiences and feel part of a wider community.

The group meetings will be held online through the Talk About Autism platform. 

The next two meetings take place on Tuesday 20 September and Thursday 15 November, 12.30 - 2.00pm.

If you would like to book on to one of these meetings, please contact Jo Salsbury at where she can provide you with more information and book your place.

Please read this flyer for more information about the group.


Letters to families

01 March 2022

Read letter to families from Helen Ralston, Head of School, detailing concerns that we have regarding children’s use of social media outside of school during evenings and weekends.