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Vision, values and ethos

The Rise School vision, values and ethos


Our vision at The Rise School is to create a vibrant learning community and be an exemplar school of best practice for children with autism and social communication needs by enabling our pupils to access a broad age-related curriculum.

We aim to achieve this vision by creating an environment where:

  • Pupils and adults are happy to come to school every day and are proud of what they achieve.
  • Parents and carers are confident that their children are safe, happy, making good progress and that their voices are heard.
  • All pupils are given the support and challenges they need to learn and succeed in the world beyond school – their quality of life is key.
  • All staff create consistently positive learning experiences that engage and challenge all our autistic pupils.


Our values underpin all that we do at The Rise. They were chosen in a collaborative process that involved all our staff and pupils. We teach our values explicitly and celebrate them frequently. 

Our values:

Be Kind 
We demonstrate how giving and receiving kindness is important for everyone’s wellbeing.

Be Proud
Our pupils have much to be proud of and we want them to be strong advocates of themselves in their future lives.

Be Resilient 
We know that our pupils will face challenges in their life, but we’re confident that, with the right strategies and attitude, they can flourish.


The best way to convey The Rise School’s pupil-oriented and team-driven ethos is to hear from our staff directly. During a recent training day, our staff completed the sentence below in the following ways.

At The Rise School we: 

  • are champion adults to our pupils
  • learn from each other and have fun
  • are a great team
  • take a positive and supportive approach
  • respect one another
  • are hard-working and resilient
  • are passionate and determined
  • acknowledge every achievement
  • create a safe and positive environment
  • are comforting, supportive and approachable.