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Willow class

Teacher - Beck Angus 
TLA - Sally Reilly
TA - Victoria Stowell


Willow class has had a fabulous spring term. The students have worked hard in lessons, completed assessments, and enjoyed many highlights over the term. A highlight for the whole class was the primary trip to Hobbledown Heath. There were so many exciting things to do, from soft play to the fantastic outside play area. The students enjoyed feeding the goats and exploring the animals.

Another class highlight in Willow is the wonderful rapport and relationships that have been built. Through our social skills sessions in PSHE, team games in PE, and a shared enjoyment of rewards, the class has been working together beautifully. During rewards, we enjoy games such as Dobble, Uno, Labrynth and Rubiks Race. A final highlight would be the hard work and dedication the pupils have put into their writing this half term, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading their stories during our Big Write sessions and hearing the excitement in class during these sessions. Well done Willow class - A fantastic spring term!


Willow tree class