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Olive class

Teacher – Vincent Kennedy
Teacher – Stuart Mortimer
TLA – Navinder Sharma
TLA – Lauren McVey
TLA – Jade Brown

In Olive class we have had a challenging but rewarding autumn term. We have been working hard to lay the foundations for our up coming GCSE’s next year. We have been trying to stick to the Olive Class ten tables being respectful towards staff and other pupils.

In English we have an excellent time studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for our coursework and we have just moved on to the George Steinbeck’s of Mice and Men.

In Science we have enjoyed learning about how red and white blood cells, and we even got open to cut open a lamb’s heart.

In Food Tech we developed our culinary skills cooking beautiful burrito’s, sumptuous sweet and sour noodles and perfect poached eggs.

Finally we are really looking forward to our reward trip of Pizza Hut and bowling.  

Olive class