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Maple class

Thank you for visiting Maple’s class page.

Maple have had a successful half-term with lots of learning highlights.

Although we were very sad to say goodbye to a Maple pupil who has moved out of London, and also to Pat and Caroline who moved to another class team, we have said hello to Andy and Manaz.

Manaz is particularly impressed with the pupils’ active citizenship work. They have created their own rewards and sanctions policy.

Andy was really impressed with their knowledge of World War I in history. Pupils played 'fact tennis' and it was a true contest of champions.

We have also gone virtual this term and had a number of our lessons via the VLE which also included Yoga with an attempt from Manaz to be the new Joe Wicks.  




Class team

Teachers: Andrew Magee and Manaz Pimple
TLAs: Charlotte Hopper and Amy Greenhalgh


Key information

Maple class will come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE day which is a Monday.  


Spring term trip dates 

Due to the current circumstances there will be no trips this term.