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Dragon Tree class

Thank you for visiting Dragon Tree’s class page.

The dragon boys were incredibly moved and intrigued by the storyline and one of the main characters in the current book they have been studying in their English lessons.  

The boys have been busy this month preparing and then completing their spring 2 assessments. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about disease and microorganisms in their science lessons. They have also welcomed and embraced their return to school from the lockdown by showing kindness and resilience in each of their lessons and have been inspired by the weekly assemblies and the general getting together and social interactions with the class and their teachers. 

Finally, they have all been enjoying their food technology lessons my cooking, and putting together a variety of different food.  

the rise school dragon tree class


Class team

Teacher: Fred Ovola and Surina Dhillon
TLAs:  Patricia Kirkbride and Becky Ferreira-Hope 


Key information

Dragontree class will come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE day which is a Wednesday. 


Summer term trip dates

Due to the current circumstances there will be no trips this term.