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Boab class

Teacher – Lucy Price
Teacher – Scott Whittart
TLA – Tracy Reynolds

Boab class is a Year 11 form group that is made up of six students supported by 2 for tutors Scott and Lucy and 1 TLA, Tracy R. 

Students in Boab have a wide range of interests; some of these are fishing, badminton, music, army cadets and boxing. Boab have had a very successful start to the year where all 6 students have sat their English IGCSE as well as their Level 2 Food Technology qualification. 

Students so far have accessed a reward food afternoon where students chose a reward of Domino's pizza and a film. Boab have also had an educational trip where they visited Kew Gardens to complete their photography coursework. 

Please feel free to pop in and say hello to all of us during form times.