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Whitebeam class

Thank you for visiting Whitebeam’s class page. 

This term during comfy reading, Whitebeam have been listening to a story called ‘The boy at the back of the class’.

This story focuses on a new boy with a unique story behind him, with that being him leaving his country, Syria, due to war to find a better life in the United Kingdom. This story led to all pupils being curious (actually curious is an understatement). Whitebeam reflected on their own life experiences and tried their best to put themselves in the little boys’ shoes.

Whitebeam have shown maturity, respect, and empathy towards those that may come from difficult walks of life. It is apparent that this story has really touched our pupils.

With that being said, one pupil stated that “I feel sorry for Ahmet (the little boy in the story), but the story really makes me appreciate what I have in life”. – (Whitebeam pupil, 2020)

They have enjoyed catching up with one of their peers who has been learning from home. This has been a weekly highlight for Whitebeam. It also goes to show how we all fit together just like a puzzle.


Class team

Teacher: Halina Sekhon, Jade Flanagan
TLAs: Alice, Katie, Sonia


Key information

Whitebeam class will come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE day which is a Monday. 


Spring term trip dates

Due to the current circumstances there will be no trips this term.