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Bay class

Thank you for visiting Bay’s class page. 

Bay class has had a very successful half term with lots of learning and beautiful friendship moments.

This picture shows the boys working hard together on a maths problem. They listened to each other’s knowledge and opinions and worked hard to solve the problem together.

In English, we have been busy studying our new class book ‘Tales From The Caribbean’. We have met lots of new tricksters including the famous Anancy the spider!

In Science, we have been working hard exploring the properties of materials. We looked at magnetic materials and the boys were surprised to discover that not all metals are magnetic.



Class team

Teacher: Abby Padey
TLAs: Louise Greenhalgh, Billie Branson


Key information

Bay class will come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE day which is a Tuesday.


Spring term trip dates

Due to the current circumstances there will be no trips this term.