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Teaching & Learning at The Rise

The Rise curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that when pupils leave us they are equipped with both the qualification and key skills needed in order to independently take their next steps, whether that is further education or meaningful employment.  

KS1 – 4 Provision

Pupils are taught in groups of up to eight and access the curriculum at approximately age appropriate levels.  Pupils at The Rise will achieve a suite of qualifications at 16 years old.

The curriculum is divided into eight zones, each of which contributes to the development of the key skills (academic and personal) in order to be successful.

The school is co-located with Springwest Academy, a mainstream secondary school to offer our secondary phase pupils integration opportunities.  We also have partnerships with The Reach Academy, Capel Manor College and West Thames College each of which provides valuable opportunities for the pupils to apply their learning in different environments.   

The Primary Carousel

To ensure pupils have the opportunity to study subjects in depth, we have an “Arts Carousel.”  This involve the subjects of Art, Dance, Music and Swimming/Drama.   This means that pupils do concentrate on one (of the four) subjects each week for a half-term block .  They then rotate and do the next subject.  The Arts Carousel takes place twice per week – therefore when they are on the “Swimming/Drama” block, they will go swimming during one of their lessons and do drama for the other.


The Secondary Carousel

The Secondary carousel is very similar to the Primary Carousel except that it only takes place once per week and therefore there is no Drama option.

KS5 Provision

As our  first cohort progresses through the school we will introduce a Sixth Form provision at The Rise.   KS5 pupils will follow a suitable course of study commensurate with their ability. Lesson delivery will take place either within the mainstream school wherever possible or within The Rise School.  In addition, pupils will be offered support to prepare for their application and transition to university. All pupils will be offered a mentor to support them with this transition process and the challenges they might encounter. 



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